Fast and Easy Training Solution for Academies

External and internal academies cover most of their online training offering with SlidePresenter.

Without any e-Learning knowledge, every academy-staff can quickly and easily create and distribute their own training session. SlidePresenter enables academies to install cost-effective, independent and versatile training and communication.

For what Type of Trainings can Academies Use SlidePresenter?

Typical use cases of SlidePresenter for financial companies are:

  • Online-publishing of classroom training in an ideal business presentation format
  • Software training (very easy to create with SlidePresenter's internal screen capturing function)
  • Compliance or data security training
  • All types of standard training
  • Sales coaching
  • Distribution of speeches and lectures
  • All other types of training

Why SlidePresenter?

What's different to other training solutions:

  • Fast, easy and without detoursCreate high-end training content with no outsourcing (how it works)
  • Effective through a direct and appealing format
  • Lightning-fast rollouts of training sessions with a click - 3 to 5 times faster than comparable solutions
  • Permanent availability of training sessions for your coworkers
  • Mobile viewing of training with any device
  • Cost advantage – save at least 80% compared to other solutions
  • Possibility to generate revenue with SlidePresenter's integrated sales function (more about the sales function)

A selection of our customers from the training & education industry:

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