SlidePresenter wins bsoco Award in Rapid Learning Category

    Since 2012 the European portal for business software bsoco has been giving awards to solution-providers from different software-categories. Winners are decided on through continuous voting by software users as well as final judgment of an expert jury. Within the e-Learning section, SlidePresenter was able to impress with its innovative approach, and joined the winner’s podium for the rapid learning category together with Adobe and Techsmith. SlidePresenter is the first German company that has been awarded by bsoco. The award ceremony took place at the end of January in Karlsruhe, Germany during the annual Learntec e-learning exhibition.

    “We are particularly proud of the bsoco award as it is mostly based on user-votes – and usability is the one thing we are most importantly focusing on during our continuous development efforts“, says Sebastian Walker, CEO of SlidePresenter.

    As an authoring tool which can be used flexibly for accelerating knowledge transfer within the company, SlidePresenter is covering a unique field in the market of e-learning solution providers, whose increasing significance is – according to Walker – underlined by the bsoco award.

    “Receiving this award is not only a very valuable recognition for our solution, even more so, we believe that this vote reflects the growing need for easier and smarter tools at the intersection of training and communication which can be used in corporate environments.”, says Walker.


    Everything is new! SlidePresenter with new design, new functions and improved usability!

      The SlidePresenter rocket launched the next stage and now appears in its brand new, even more intuitive design. 

      But SlidePresenter wouldn’t be SlidePresenter if we didn’t improve usability and functions at the same time. You thought SlidePresenter couldn’t be easier? Then be our guest and enter new dimensions of corporate training.


      What does the new SlidePresenter offer

      • More modern design with improved functionality and even more intuitive usability
      • Direct access to important functions through 3 central controls  - no more dashboard needed:
        • Create: upload or record content and create presentations, all on ONE page! The former upload-page has become superfluous
        • Manage : change settings, distribute and control completed and published presentation
        • Analyze: quickly see viewer stats for your published presentations
      • Improved functionality within the Create section
        • Individual changing of names of any media asset now possible
      •  Screen Recordings can now be recognized and selected as own asset-category
      • More comfortable selection of embed buttons and improved usability in the Manage section:
        • Multiple selection of presentations and simultaneous generation of embed codes now possible
        • New publishing variant “html-file” - perfect for sending out presentations via e-mail
        • Export of publishing codes now available as text files, for a fast sharing of online-courses
      • Improved sorting and filtering of assets and presentations (length, amount of slides, date of creation, active/inactive, name)  
      • Brand new function: Replacing of slides and video in completed (and also published) presentations

      More than ever SlidePresenter is now the integrated solution for corporate training and communication. 

      You aren’t using SlidePresenter yet? Come on board and open a risk free trial account today. Or participate in one of our regular introductory webinarsLearn how easy it is to create and distribute corporate training content, without having to change your existing internal systems or processes.


      SlidePresenter: Navigation is Now Available in “Video Only” Format

      The synchronized playback of video and film is what characterizes the SlidePresenter format as the new standard for digital recording and publishing of online presentations. Not only are presentations and trainings available on demand as if they were live, but there is also the added advantage of being able to navigate through a SlidePresenter presentation by chapter or slide.

      In order to offer the more functionality of our video-only format, SlidePresenter’s newest release offers an integrated video player. What is special about this format is that you can navigate through the chapters of the video. More than just a practical alternative to providing videos without text, this feature is also useful if you want to avoid using multiple platforms. The SlidePresenter portfolio is constantly evolving, and we hope you are as excited as we are about the functions and features we expect in the future. 


      Embedding Buttons: New Designs and More Colors

      The year at SlidePresenter starts with some fresh paint: we have modernized the design of our embedding buttons and increased the color choice. Moreover it is now possible to choose your right color through a convenient dropdown menu within your SlidePresenter account. 

      With the larger choice of colors it is even easier to find buttons which correspond to your Corporate Design and integrate within your company’s website. The purpose of embedding buttons is to place on your website, within your CMS or LMS the presentations which you have created. 

      When clicking on a button, the corresponding presentation opens up and is ready to play. The embedding-code which is generated in your account contains your design and color selection and makes the button appear at the location where you integrate the code.

      Here’s a choice of our new buttons:


      PS: Of course our classic embedding possibilites without a frame are still available.


      Free Introductory Webinar on January 15th

        Join us for a free introductory webinar to the SlidePresenter online presentation platform. SlidePresenter coach, Andreas Gajewski, will show you how easy it is to produce your own online speeches and lectures with our web-based application.

        The Webinar will be held on Tuesday, January 15th 2013 at 9:00 am PST/12:00 noon EST/6:00 pm ECT. In just 20 minutes you will learn about the technical operation of our platform. This introduction is free of charge and there are no conditions.

        Please register here.


        SlidePresenter launches new Website

        The time has come. At the beginning of last week, SlidePresenter launched their new website. The homepage is now clearer, more user-friendly, and is full of information on how to use the innovative SlidePresenter format and the associated platform.

        Not only has our website received a facelift: all of our corporate designs have been redesigned for the occasion, as well as our company logo. Choosing the new logo was an exciting process, and we came up with many different options. Ultimately, we decided on a design that symbolizes both the simplistic as well as the dynamic sides of SlidePresenter. The SlidePresenter team is thrilled by the results and we look forward to your feedback!


        SlidePresenter wins the Frankfurt's Founders Award 2012: Reported by Frankfurt Newspapers

        As promised, we want to keep you updated on the publications about SlidePresenter earning Frankfurt’s Founders Award 2012. In addition to the numerous online publications, the local Frankfurt print media was in attendance at the awards ceremony, which took place in the Frankfurt Römer’s Kaisersaal. We received a message not only from the Frankfurt Allgemeine Newspaper on May 15th, but we also appeared in a report in the Frankfurt edition of the Bild Newspaper on the same day.

        The Founder’s Award and SlidePresenter were also reported on nationally in the print edition of Welt-Kompact. This message can be found on here the newspaper’s website.