Example: Blinker Inc.

How Blinker Inc. can improve their training methods thanks to SlidePresenter.

Blinker Inc. Company Information

  • Company with 500 Employees
  • 100 Employees with Training Needs
  • 500 € Internal Daily Rate per Employee
  • 4 Hour Training Duration



The automobile supplier, Blinker Inc., offers products that require a high level of explanation, which also causes a high level of training for employees, partners, as well as international customers. In the past, they have offered numerous webinars as well as complicated web-based training in addition to multiple on-site trainings. Unfortunately, these methods were very expensive, inflexible, and offered slow returns.

Furthermore, training turned into a game of “Telephone” and well-designed classroom trainings still lacked the quality necessary for the industry. The Blinker AG’s district manager would train the regional manager, who would then train the sales staff. This method of communication lead to large a large loss of information from one person to the next.

Additionally, the staff was always taken away from their daily tasks in order to participate in the fixed training schedule, which led to a lot of frustration, especially for the sales team.

Earlier this year, Blinker Inc. discovered SlidePresenter and decided to compare their old training methods with the training that SlidePresenter offers. The results speak for themselves and Blinker’s management had an easy decision to make when it came to the future of their training methods.


Cost Comparison Results:

Today, Blinker Inc. has not yet replaced all of their trainings with SlidePresenter, but their learning and communication has already drastically improved, and the company offers a much more attractive cost structure. Additionally, the Blinker’s customers have noticed improved service. The key: SlidePresenter trainings can could be implemented without altering the daily activities of Blinker Inc.

Where do you save?

Other training methods have the following disadvantages compared to SlidePresenter:

  • Classroom Training: Recurring Trainer and Travel Costs
  • Web-Based Trainings: Costly Editing for Each New Training
  • Webinars: High Administrative Costs and Time Dependence

By our calculations, there are many more points where SlidePresenter can help to save money, but for a simple comparison, we have not described them in detail.


SlidePresenter: More than just saving costs!

In addition to the costs you save through using SlidePresenter’s online training methods, they also include the following benefits:

  • Increased Retention of Training Material
  • Higher Employee Motivation
  • Increased Productivity due to the Constant Availability of Online Training
  • Improved Efficiency through Simple and Targeted Navigation of the Training Content
  • Avoid the “telephone game” through Standardized Training for All Employees

We hope that this example provided you with a good idea of the benefits of SlidePresenter’s online training. Please contact us with any further questions, we are always happy to help!


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