SlidePresenter for Employee Training - Effectiveness with Lower Costs

With SlidePresenter’s personalized employee training options, you benefit from the increase in learning efficiency and productivity while reducing your training costs.

On Demand Training Anytime- Learning without Restrictions

Unlike classroom training, SlidePresenter training is treated as an online presentation and is available anytime on demand. Training is recorded just one time and is then available for viewing indefinitely wherever you want to host it. On the other hand,  organizing classroom training is time consuming and the training is often is only available if there are enough participants that need the specific training.

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Since SlidePresenter training sessions are always available online anytime, your employees are able to repeat and reference the training as many times as they want. This method allows information to be internalized and retained better, leading to better performance from your employees. Additionally, through standardized training, you can be sure that everyone in your company receives and maintains the same level of knowledge. In comparison to holding multiple training sessions, you can be sure that the information communicated in online training presentations never varies, ensuring that the knowledge your employees gain remains at a certain baseline.

Increase Productivity- Training and Daily Operations in Harmony

Through the on-demand availability of training and courses with SlidePresenter’s online presentations, you are able to improve the productivity within your company. You are able to offer your employees more flexibility with their training exercises, allowing them to  participate when they have the time, and not interfering with their primary responsibilities.

With this method, you no longer have to choose between training and daily operations, thus increasing your business’ productivity. This also reduces the need to travel to training locations since the online training presentations are available anywhere there is internet access, including on mobile devices. SlidePresenter simplifies the organization as well as the process of your entire training system to make it easier and more efficient for your employees as well as your company!

A Cost Effective Solution

With SlidePresenter you only have to record your training once for it to remain available as long as you need it. This eliminates recurring training costs that are encountered with the frequent necessity to repeat traditional classroom training. You also avoid paying the travel costs for your employees and the trainers.

Your organization also reduces the organizational effort of training.

With SlidePresenter online training, you could save up to 90% of your training costs as compared to traditional classroom training methods. Use our calculator to see what you can save!

Who Uses SlidePresenter?

Healthcare, Finance, Sales... Companies from all industries are re-shaping their corporate training using SlidePresenter. Where there is a need for training, SlidePresenter is a pertinent solution. Click on the following banner to see our references.