More Attractive Events

Exhibitions and conferences are a great place to offer an attractive array of speeches and presentations, which can garner interest among visitors.

With SlidePresenter, conference and trade show organizers are able to offer these presentations in an ideal online presentation format, allowing them to be accessed even after the event.

Through embedding the presentations on your own website or through your SlidePresenter channel (Learn more about channels), you are able to offer your visitors added value and increase the overall appeal of your event.

  • Increase Your Level of Service: Premium offers for visitors even after your event.
  • Added Value for your Partners: A more attractive event for sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Get Noticed: Have your exhibit stand out from your competitors at events.

Increase Coverage and Publicity for your Event

Trade shows and conferences focus year-round on their marketing efforts for a particular event in order to attract enough visitors. After the event, the awareness of your brand declines rapidly, so that after a few months you have to repeat the cycle again and invest in even more advertising to remain competitive.

Through providing your exhibit’s presentations and speeches to your visitors in SlidePresenter format, you retain visitors’ attention to your company and your product that you received at conferences and trade shows. Social media recommendations also help to direct traffic to your online presentations, allowing you to steadily maintain your advertising through the next year. Presentations can also be released gradually so that every release brings renewed attention to your company.

  • Lasting Advertising Effect: With online presentations, your exhibition is always up-to-date.
  • Social Media Possibilities: Spread the word about your exhibit virally.
  • Increased Attention: Create compelling events for sponsors and exhibitors.

Increase Revenue by Reselling Presentations

Conference and exhibition organizers can directly increase profits with SlidePresenter’s online presentations. With the integrated sales function SlidePresenter uses, you can monetize your presentations in just a few clicks! This function allows SlidePresenter to function as a billing and shopping system to quickly and easily provide you with your proceeds. In this case, we take on the risk with you: an extra-cost in form of a commission for SlidePresenter only occurs in the event of an actual sale of Your content (Learn more about the billing system).

  • Price your Product and Go: Easily promote events.
  • Revenues Go Directly into your Account: Automatic deposits with the SlidePresenter application.
  • On-the-go Sales: Embed your for-sale presentations on any website.

Lead Generation for Sponsors

SlidePresenter offers numerous alternative monetization models that are tailored to the needs of your sponsors. You can even help your sponsors to attract new customers!

The principle of lead generation is simple and well-known: In order for viewers to access presentations, they simply leave their contact information, which can then be used by sponsors for customer acquisition (Learn more about lead generation).

Due to the specific content relating to your exhibit, you will experience low wastage as well as the ability to provide your sponsors with a high quality tool that will allow them to easily identify potential customers.

  • More Sales for You: More contacts for your sponsors.
  • High-quality leads: Low wastage through thematic presentations.

A selection of exhibition and conference organizers using SlidePresenter: