The SlidePresenter Channel

With a SlidePresenter Channel, you can post multiple online presentations on a customizable website. You even have the option to sell the presentations from this site in order to generate revenue.

The SlidePresenter Channel: A Ready-to-Use Presentation Website

In addition to the option to produce your own online presentations, SlidePresenter also offers many other options to make your presentations available on the internet. If you have posted multiple online presentations, you can also offer them together on a SlidePresenter Channel. A SlidePresenter channel is a customizable website where you are able to host your online presentations and make them accessible comfortably and easily. Through the presentation library, you can look through your collection and select individual presentations to view.

The use of SlidePresenter channels is especially helpful when grouping online presentations together by theme, for example, you can group together all presentations from the same event.

  • Group your presentations together on one website
  •  The library allows you to easily browse your presentations
  •  Ideal to display presentations from an event in their entirety

Individual Design, Adapted to Your Corporate Identity

With your own SlidePresenter Channel you get your own URL and you can choose the suffix of the website, for example

The design of the channel is also up to you. In the administrator section you can customize the website yourself. You can even design it to match your company’s corporate design.

If you don’t want to design the channel yourself, we can do it for you. Our channel design service can provide you with a quick and professionally designed channel that meets your expectations.   (More about the Channel Design service)

”You can easily make your own channel with its header image, background image, logo and text!“

White Label

The degree of customization of your channel can also be considered a “white label”. This means that the channel will be completely customized to your corporate design. With only a discreet appearance of the SlidePresenter logo (in the player). This is useful especially if you want to integrate the SlidePresenter channel directly into your own website. Learn more about this option from your SlidePresenter consultant.

Generate Sales with SlidePresenter Channels

Use SlidePresenter Channels in coordination with your events in order to generate sales. On your channel, you can offer all of the presentations from your event for sale as a complete package. In your account you just have to specify a price and the length of time the presentation can be viewed (3, 6, 9, or 12 months): SlidePresenter’s integrated sales function takes care of the rest.