The SlidePresenter Player

The SlidePresenter Player displays your content in an innovative video format with PowerPoint and offers a one-of-a-kind  training experience.

Video and PowerPoint Synchronization and Navigation Bar

The SlidePresenter Player is the tool for online trainings held in SlidePresenter Format. The viewer displays your trainings and lectures exactly as it would appear in real time as it combines video and PowerPoint into one format. In addition, the player shows a practical navigation tool, which allows one to switch from file to file, either forward or backward. Using the free buildable table of contents, you can move on immediately to another chapter or even skip several slides while the video and slides continue to run simultaneously.

By the way, SlidePresenter also offers "video only" within the player. Learn more.

Subtitles, Hyperlinks, and Full Screen Mode

When you create your training session, you are able to add subtitles and hyperlinks anywhere within the videos and slides. This way, the viewer can immediately take you to any relevant websites or to relevant content external to the training.

During the training session, you can switch to full screen mode with a simple click. This mode offers an impressive view, and offers the viewer the feeling that they are watching the lecture live.

Within full-screen mode, it is even possible to switch between other modes and displays. For example you can focus solely on the video or the slideshow.

”Use SlidePresenter on your mobile device to allow your co-workers and clients to access your newest lectures and presentations on the go!“

Fast and Reliable Real-Time Streaming

SlidePresentations, like other Multimedia content on the Internet, provide “on-demand streams”. However, SlidePresenter content is unique because it is managed by Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). This means that the stream is continuously transmitted without waiting or downloading time.

Slide Presenter training sessions start with virtually no loading time or buffering and play smoothly and cleanly even in full-screen mode. Similarly, switching quickly between files or videos within the SlidePresenter Player is no problem!

The high-quality, real-time streaming of your training is provided through the use of our high-speed servers in Germany.

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