Web Hosting Online Presentations

SlidePresenter’s Online Presentations can be hosted on any website that you want! Whether on the extranet or internet, through individual embedding or through a channel: You have multiple options and you are always in control!

Accessible Anywhere


0nline presentations that you create with our web-based application are exclusively for publication on websites (including intranet). Published online presentations are therefore accessible with any Internet-enabled device and are compatible with all popular web browsers.

Use Flash or HTML 5

The SlidePresenter player was originally programmed as a Flash player, and required the Flash plugin to play presentations. Now the player also works with HTML5, so if your device does not support Flash, you can still view your presentations. The player automatically detects your system requirements and switches to the HTML 5 version. This is beneficial because you can now use the Apple iPad to view your online presentations.
Learn more about using SlidePresenter on mobile devices.


Embed anywhere using HTML code

After creating an online presentation, you are able to incorporate it into any webpage. Within your account you are give then HTML embed code, all you have to do is copy it. However, there are alos various other options for sharing your online presentations:

Public Integration

Embed the code on your public website so that anyone who visits the side can view the corresponding presentation. You are able to do this in the form of small buttons on your page or through putting an integrated player directly on your site.

Intranet Integration

It is even possible to  include presentations on your intranet, for example on website with restricted access or within your corporate network. This way, only authorized viewers are able to see your presentations.
Depending on your security needs, we offer many options, such as domain restriction or SSL encryption (Learn more about security options).

Create a Channel

SlidePresenter also offers you the use of channels. These are effective presentation sites that display your presentations in a clear and effective manner. (Learn more about Slidepresenter Channels).

”Whether they are public or used only within your intranet: Your SlidePresenter presentations are available anytime, anywhere!“