The Integrated Billing Function

SlidePresenter’s integrated billing function allows you to easily put your content up for sale while still reaching a wide audience. The billing function can be used with any SlidePresenter package - additional cost only occurs when content is actually sold.

Easily Generate Revenue

Gain sales easily with your online presentations! Simply set the price and currency for the content and post the SlidePresentations on your website as you would normally. Billing the sales is also no problem thanks to the integrated sales system offered by the SlidePresenter application.

What can you sell?

If a customer buys a single SlidePresentation, they have the right to watch it for a limited viewing time of 2.5 times the SlidePresentation's length. (For example, they would be able to view a 1 hour long content for 2.5 hours). We have found that this duration is completely sufficient for the customer, because each time they view the content they watch less of it on a whole. This is because of their ability to move to the relevant parts of the SlidePresentation while watching. This model offers protection against unwanted dissemination of the content while still allowing the customer to view a content as many times as needed to fully understand the material.

Decide where to sell!

Like other online presentations, you can also offer the presentations for sale on your website. SlidePresenter also offers the possibility of offering your presentation through a practical channel that incorporates your own design. In the SlidePresenter online presentation channel you can even combine all of the presentations from an event and offer them for sale either individually or as a complete packet. (Learn more about SlidePresenter channels)

With a purchase of the complete packet, the buyer has the right to view all presentation an unlimited number of times for a fixed timeframe.

How the SlidePresenter Sales Feature Works

The SlidePresenter Sales Feature allows your customer to pay with a debit or credit card (Mastercard or Visa) as well as with PayPal, allowing you to reach a higher number of clients from your potential target group. Simply set the desired price for you presentation and embed the presentation into any website, or even onto a SlidePresenter channel. Visitors to your website or channels can see a free preview of the presentation and will be directed to the sales page of the presentation. The integrated payment system of the SlidePresenter application automatically takes care of the billing and you receive the profits from the sales automatically at the end of the month.

Customized Offers for Your Use Case

for the monetization of your speeches, trainings and lectures SlidePresenter offers customized packages, that are made to fit the individual needs of Your project.

Besides optional offerings for the recording and the production of Your content, these packages include an individual commission agreement for the sale of your presentations.

Extra-cost in the form of a commission only occur in the event of an actual sale of Your content. SlidePresenter is Your partner for the sale of online-presentations! Questions? Please contact us!

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