Business Class Security

SlidePresenter offers a reliable and secure infrastructure as well as additional security options to meet even the highest security demands.

At Home in the Security Cloud


SlidePresenter operates according to strict security standards. All of the collected data is kept on high-security servers and all of the shared data centers are TÜV-Certified.

This means that the data processing is carried out exclusively within a Secure Cloud.

Data processing is only performed at the request and under the instructions of the customer. Storage of personal data or information regarding how the customers are using the content does not take place. 


  • Use of High Security Servers
  • TÜV-Certified High Security Data Centers
  • No Specific Processing of Personal Data
  • Data Processing According to strict Data Protection Standards

Secure Infrastructure

SlidePresenter’s underlying infrastructure has been developed in accordance with standards for business-class security and offers maximum security for your data. Through complete redundancy of all systems and distributed server locations, reliable streaming is guaranteed. Regular security audits are performed to ensure constant high standards. All operating system updates are tested and installed on all servers weekly. Critical security updates are installed as soon as they are announced. 

  • Complete redundancy of all systems, ncluding the Web, Conversion, Streaming, and Filer Servers and the Internet Connectivity.
  • Regular internal security audits.
  • Separate handling of customer data on the account and customer levels.
  • Regular software updates for improved security.

Furthermore, the SlidePresenter System is protected through sophisticated security architechture:

  • Use of a Firewall and other advanced technology to prevent unauthorized access to the system.
  • Application Separation provides physical separation of Web, Application, and Database Servers, which provides maximum security, since potential vulnerabilities can then only affect one part of the system.
  • The Server Configurations comply with the latest standards and findings base on the recommendations of BSI.

Secure Application

At the heart of the SlidePresenter solution, the application allows for the creation of content based on a security concept with several pillars. Since the content is delivered using the customer’s own systems, access to the content is protected by their own authentication barriers.

The data that exists in the accounts is secured by redundancy as well as an integrated Backup System. The separation of data for videos and files for each customer provides additional security. Updats of the SlidePresenter Software are also only implemented after careful testing.

  • Customer Data is only accesible to authors and administrators after authenitication.
  • Access to training content is only granted through client authentication.
  • Redundancy of all data and daily backups of physically separated storage.
  • Separate data storage: data is stored and separated in different locations.
  • Applicable software is only updated following extensive testing.

”Domain restriction and SSL encryption provide the highest security for your online presentations!“

Secure Delivery and Integration of Content

SlidePresenter offers companies security options that allow them to integrate training and presentations into their own systems utilizing their desired security measures.

Domain restriction, for example, ensures that SlidePresenter presentations can only be played on particular domains or using selected systems (LMS, Intratnet, Extranet, Website, etc.).

In order to meet higher security guidelines, SlidePresenter also offers SSL-Encryption, which allows for the integration of presentations on SSL-secured websites.

  • Domain Restriction
  • SSL-Encrypted integration

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