The Perfect Format for Sharing Complicated Products

Banks and Financial Institutions often offer complex financial products, which usually come with long, involved prospectuses and are complicated to explain. With SlidePresenter’s format, you can easily clarify your products to your customers in an attractive and understandable way. Offer your customers more and present your financial products with SlidePresenter’s combined video and PowerPoint format.

  • Loud and Clear: Better understanding by combining video and slides.
  • Build Trust: Personally explain complex products.

More Efficient Training with Lower Training Costs

With the on-demand availability of training sessions and lectures through online presentations with SlidePresenter, you are able to improve productivity in your company. You provide your employees with the flexibility to participate in the training when they have time and not interfere with day-to-day operations.

Your training session must only be recorded once for it to remain available for as long as needed. This eliminates recurring trainer costs, which build up with the need for frequent repetition of traditional classroom training. With online presentations you also eliminate travel expenses for the trainees.

  • Efficient Training System: Train your employees when they have time.
  • Better Performance: Repeat the training as many times as necessary.
  • Save on Training Costs: Lower your travel and trainer costs.

Same Knowledge Base Among Employees

...mainly, the same current state! Make internal information available to your employees through online presentations on your corporate intranet. You can safely and easily embed presentations onto your intranet to provide your employees with immediate access to important information.

The on-demand availability of the latest presentations on your intranet allows for the rapid dissemination of knowledge and for your employees to all have access to the same information.

With an online presentation from SlidePresenter, you can also allow your executive leadership to personally and directly address all of your employees at the same time, no matter how big your company is or how many employees you have. Improve your corporate culture and motivate your employees!

  • Rapid Dissemination of Knowledge: Immediate and continuous on-demand availability for all employees.
  • Strengthen Corporate Culture: Bring remote employees closer.

Build Customer Loyalty with Lectures and Background Information

Financial companies are able to distinguish themselves among customers primarily through the quality of their expertise. The provision of technical articles, journals, and how you present and explain new financial products plays a central role in marketing and can make your customers more confident in working with you.

With SlidePresenter, your are able to present your company and its offerings in an attractive manner. When you offer customers technical information with the SlidePresenter format, you provide them with an easily produced product that is as personal as having a face-to-face conversation with the customer. Stand out from your competitors with our innovative new services.

  • Useful Presentations: Strengthen your customer loyalty with valuable analysis and background knowledge.
  • Demonstrate Competence: Impress clients with your employees expertise and passion.
  • One Step Ahead: Set yourself apart from your competitors with innovative marketing strategies.

Bank-friendly Security and Reliable Technology

SlidePresenter’s infrastructure offers the security and scalability necessary for leading financial institutions.

Online presentations can be safely and securely integrated into your company’s intranet. The online presentations are in good hands and are stored on our German high-security servers. Through the use of SSL encryption and domain restriction, we offer the highest safety standards. (More about our safety options).
The unique real-time streaming of our presentations and the high speed of our servers allow the use of the SlidePresenter platform by large organizations, no matter the number of users.

  • Fast and Reliable: Real-time streaming from high performance servers.
  • Bank-friendly Security: Embed presentations safely in your company’s intranet.
  • Tailored Safety: Select the appropriate level of security for your company’s needs.

A selection of customers from the financial sector that have already begun to use SlidePresenter: