More Than Just a Format, Explain Your Product!

With SlidePresenter’s Online Presentations, you have the ideal format to present your products in an informative and memorable manner.

In particular, products that need a little more explanation, such as in the financial and pharmaceutical industries, even products from the high-tech industry, will benefit from presentations using our synchronized video and slideshow format.

  • Attractive and Understandable: Online presentations are perceived by customers as more than advertising, but as helpful and valuable explanations.
  • Personal and Direct: Reach your contacts as if in person.
  • Outstanding: Stand out from your competitors with attractive product presentations!

Take advantage of SlidePresenter not only to inform your clients, but also to provide your employees with the newest products and technical presentations!

Present Your Company Effectively and Memorably

Not only your products, but also your entire business and any projects you are working on can be displayed online with SlidePresenter presentations!

  • Persuasive Performance: Attract investors with structured and memorable corporate presentations.
  • Reporting Tool: Explain your business reports as if in person!

Always leave a good impression with your corporate presentations!


Product and Company Presentations Are Always Available!

Whether you want to address your customers, employees, or investors with your product or company presentations, we allow you to reach your target audience anytime, anywhere. You now have the choice on how you want to make your online presentations available.

  • Mobile Product Presentations: Allow your salespeople to prepare a sales pitch on the go.
  • Continuous On-Demand Availability: Meet with your business partners whenever they are available!
  • Secure Intranet Presentations: Provide confidential presentations to just your employees!