Increase the Attractiveness of Your Offers

Providers, specialists, and experts, such as publishers or organizations, can increase the attractiveness of their offers through the use of SlidePresenter’s online presentations.

Specialized content presented in SlidePresenter format, with the speaker’s video in combination with PowerPoint, is an attractive and useful addition to the traditional communication and information tools. By providing these presentations, you allow everyone access to your content. This is especially helpful to share information with someone, who for example, could not participate live at one of your events. These presentations allow you to present them with a presentation experience as though they were there live!

For organizations, providing presentations or lectures as online presentation means a significant improvement of their members’ communication.

  • Increased Level of Service: Make events available after they are over.
  • More Value for Your Members and Subscribers: Improve communication with your association and subscribers with online presentations.

Smart Presentation of High-Quality Expertise

Complex content, such as those containing numbers, statistics, and graphics, benefits particularly with the SlidePresenter format. Through combining video and PowerPoint, this information can be presented to the viewer in a more attractive and understandable way.

On-Demand availability of the online presentations allows the viewer to view the presentations as many times as necessary until the content is fully understood. They are even able to navigate the presentation, repeating only the parts that need clarification.

  • Loud and Clear: Better understanding through the combination of video and PowerPoint.
  • Perfect Analysis: Optimally present facts and figures.



Andreas Gajewski, SlidePresenter Coach

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Increase Revenue by Marketing Presentations

As providers and experts of specialized knowledge, you can directly increase your revenue with SlidePresenter’s online presentations. With the integrated sales function, SlidePresenter allows you to monetize your presentations quickly and easily with just a few clicks! This way, SlidePresenter acts as a billing and shopping system and deposits your revenue directly to you. An extra-cost in form of a commission for SlidePresenter only occurs in the event of an actual sale of Your content (Learn more about the sales function).

  • Enter the Price and Get Started: Sell presentations quickly and easily
  • Revenues Deposited Directly: Billing is automatic with the SlidePresenter application.
  • Sell Anywhere: Offer your presentations for sale on any website.

A selection of experts, associations and publishers using SlidePresenter: