More Efficient Training at Reduced Costs

Companies can greatly benefit from using SlidePresenter for training and instruction. The training only has to be recorded once for it to be available for as long as necessary.

Through the on-demand availability of training courses and seminars with SlidePresenter’s online presentations, you can quickly and easily improve productivity within your business. You allow your employees the flexibility of training when they have the time and avoid taking them away from their primary responsibilities. You eliminate the friction between training and daily operations within your company, increasing productivity.

Since training with SlidePresenter allows for the presentations to be available constantly, anytime, anywhere, your employees can repeat the training, or certain parts of the training, as many times as needed. This leads to better retention and internalization of the material, resulting in better performance from your employees. By standardizing your training methods, you can also ensure that everyone at your company received the same level of training and knowledge. Unlike having to hold new training sessions for every new employee, online presentations never vary in content, ensuring that all employees receive the same, homogeneous training.


Your training only needs to be recorded once with SlidePresenter, and will remain available as long as necessary. This eliminates recurring training costs that exist with the frequent repetition of traditional classroom training. With online presentations, you can even eliminate travel costs for your employees. 

SlidePresenter’s online presentations can even be used with Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Moodle and many others.

  • Higher Productivity: Training is available when your employees are.
  • Improved Learning Efficiency: Continuous online availability promotes retention of material.
  • Lower Costs: Record training once and use it permanently.

Improved Client Communication

SlidePresenter’s online presentations are the ideal medium to present your company and your product- they’re as personal as live presentations. The combination of the speaker’s videos and PowerPoint in one player is an innovative and effective way to improve your customer communications.

Expertise, especially with complicated ideas and products, is easily presented to your customers in an attractive and understandable way.

By embedding your presentation into any website, you can make your content available on-demand and accessible for as long as you would like. Any changes made to the presentation transfer to all of the embedded presentations, allowing your customers to stay up-to-date on all of the newest information.

For financial communication, such as for your investor relations department, SlidePresenter is an ideal tool. You are able to hold your any of your meetings as an online presentations, offering your investors a quality service and allowing them to remain aware of any financial developments.

  • Attractive and Clear: Better understanding through the combination of video and slides.
  • Build Trust: Personally explain complex ideas and products.
  • Demonstrate Competence: Impress your clients with your employees’ expertise and passion.

Improve Internal Communication- Preserve Institutional Knowledge

Internal knowledge is immediately available to all of your employees with SlidePresenter’s online presentations. By hosting presentations on your corporate intranet, you allow for the rapid dissemination of important information among your staff.

Speeches from upper management are also able to be turned into online presentations, which can help to improve cohesion and corporate culture within your organization. Ensure that mportant information and presentations are always accessible to your employees with SlidePresenter’s online presentations.

SlidePresenter makes your internal communication more efficient and multifaceted.

  • Quickly Disseminate Information: Immediate and readily available presentations for all employees.
  • Business Class Security: Presentations are safe and secure on your company’s network.
  • Preserve Institutional Knowledge: Retain presentations from experts in your company.

The Perfect Tool for Successful Sales

Marketing organizations can also appreciate the benefits that SlidePresenter provides. With the help of online presentations, their salespeople can gain access to the newest information and sales techniques. Whether it’s product or informational presentations, your salespeople are able to remain up to date with SlidePresenter’s embedded presentations on any desired website or network.

The ability to gain access to SlidePresenter presentations through any internet capable device is also particularly helpful. Sales teams equipped with mobile devices, such as the iPad, are able to access important presentations anytime, anywhere. Salespeople are able to prepare for sudden meetings with potential clients and still provide them with the most up-to-date and relevant information (Learn more about mobile capabilities).

  • Optimal Knowledge Sharing: Maintain the same level of knowledge among your sales team, even with a complex and decentralized sales structure.
  • Convincing Arguments: Impressive presentations for professional customer service.
  • Mobile Product Presentations: Retrieve the latest information for your sales, on the go.

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