What is SlidePresenter?

SlidePresenter allows you to publish your online presentations in the format that you need. The web-based software makes it possible for you to have lectures, seminars, or your choice of presentations available on-demand to anyone that you want to have them. Useful features and functions make SlidePresenter a versatile tool. In addition to the use of online presentations for learning and communication purposes, you can also use the integrated sales functions and apply different business models to increase your sales.


Video und PowerPoint in einem Format

Who Uses SlidePresenter?

SlidePresenter offers benefits and advantages to virtually every company as well as a variety of applications.

  •  Financial institutions and companies in every industry use SlidePresenter for internal and external communication. Even complex content is presented and shared in an impressive, understandable, and natural way. Online presentations are instantly available to everyone and provide quick access to key information.
  • Service providers from education and training sectors, as well as companies in other industries, are able to create training sessions in the form of online presentations, which are then available to your target audience. Companies are able to increase the flexibility of their training and instruction while also reducing costs. Providers of the trainings are also able to increase their reach.
  • Exhibition and conference organizers, providers of specialized knowledge such as trainers and instructors increase the attractiveness of their offers with online presentations. They can also raise their sales through the marketing of these presentations and offer their partners and sponsors attractive opportunities for lead generation and customer acquisition.

SlidePresenter is a versatile tool that can be used to improve business communication, increase learning and training efficiency, and increase your sales.

”Record your lectures and preserve them as a SlidePresenter Online-Presentation! Your knowledge can be accessible and available at any time, so that it is sustainable into the future.“