Online Presentations- Complement or Substitute for Webinars?

SlidePresenter offers internal and external training courses as sustainable and cost effective solutions to allow you to quickly and efficiently reach your training goals.

Goodbye to complicated training schedules!

We offer immediate training opportunities available for as long as you want them! Unlike webinars, online presentations aren’t limited by a particular number of participants. All you have to do is record the training once to provide it to all employees simultaneously, regardless of how many there are. With online presentations, you are able to spread knowledge faster and easier.

Learn Faster

With the navigation possibilities of online presentations, you are able to locate specific information within a presentation faster and more effectively.

”Nutzen Sie SlidePresenter auch mobil und versorgen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter oder Kunden auch unterwegs mit den neuesten Vorträgen und Präsentationen!“

High Quality- Always Available

Different from webinars, online presentations are always available in the same high quality format. Webinars that are saved and made available are usually characterized by inadequate video and sound quality and do not meet most the the requirements of a high quality training. One of the main benefits of SlidePresenter’s multi-use online presentations over recorded webinars is that users are unable to navigate to different sections within the webinars.

Online Presentations are Less Expensive than Webinars

Whether you are using them for internal or external purposes, online presentations offer more attractive and cost-effective training and instruction solutions for your company.

With the necessity to frequently repeat webinars, you often run into high trainer costs. These costs virtually disappear with the creation of an online presentation.

Online presentations also help you to avoid additional telephone and high administrative costs simply by reducing organization efforts necessary with webinars.

SlidePresenter can save you up to 85% of training costs compared to webinars. Find out how much you can save by checking out our calculator here.