Why Choose SlidePresenter?

SlidePresenter is the optimal solution for offering lectures, seminars, and presentations online.

The Ideal Format - Better than Live

SlidePresenter is not just another Web-Player. Its unique dual format, which synchronizes video and presentation slides allows you to offer lectures and other information like never before. It is based on where companies stand today- the classic presentation model.

  • 1:1 Playback: synchronized speaker and slides, like you’re watching it live!
  • One-of-a-kind Presentation Experience: Fullscreen and other modes are included.
  • Easy Navigation: Find the exact spot in the Presentation that you want.

Navigation options in the online presentation make SlidePresenter almost better than an actual presentation. Navigate as you would like within the presentation and go directly to the spot that interests you. Through the practical division of the presentation into chapters, you can move through the presentation as you would with a book.

”Better than just video! Only with SlidePresenter’s online presentations can you hold 1:1 lectures, with the spoken word matching directly to the PowerPoint slides. SlidePresenter offers unlimited presentation possibilities!“

Easily Create Online Presentations

The unique player is only one part of the SlidePresenter Application. With SlidePresenter you also have the web-based application available that can help you to produce and publish your own online presentations!

  • Fast Production: Easy-to-use Drag & Drop.
  • Cost Effective: Anyone can learn to produce and publish presentations without training.
  • Input Neutral: You can use any video format.
  • Multiple Format Options: Use PPTs, PDFs, Word or other file formats worry-free.

In your user account, you can create online presentations easily with “Drag and Drop”. SlidePresenter supports all popular video and presentation formats. With this application, you have control of the whole process, from production to publication, in order to achieve your goals.


Available- Anywhere and Anytime

With lectures held in SlidePresenter Format, you have the possibility to reach anyone that you want. Online presentations are made available exactly how you want them:

  • Secure Availability: Intranet integration (encrypted).
  • Public Availability: Embed in any website.
  • Mobile Possibilities: Use with any web-enabled mobile device, even the iPad.
  • Guaranteed Access: Worldwide access, around the clock!

Online presentations, because of their modern and unlimited communication possibilities, are one of the most important business formats available today.