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Employee-generated content in corporate learning

Today's employees demand engaging, interactive, and easily digestible on-demand knowledge content that they can apply directly to their jobs. 

One way to provide this is through employee-generated learning content. 

Read here why you should introduce employee-generated content in your corporate learning. 

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What is employee-generated content?

Employee-generated content describes the concept that All of a company's subject matter experts can create and share their own learning content. The production sovereignty, which previously lay with individual trainers or departments, is removed. This not only significantly improves the exchange of information within the company, but also ensures that explicit and implicit knowledge is retained within the company in the long term. A frequently used synonym for employee-generated content in the corporate context is employee-driven learning.

Numerous applications

What is employee-generated content suitable for?

Employee-generated content is always useful when it involves company-specific knowledge and special topics. In other words, learning content that cannot simply be purchased on the major e-learning platforms or found via a Google search. In these cases, employee-generated content unfolds its full potential: Knowledge that is otherwise only available in the heads of individual employees is now available to all colleagues thanks to short explanatory videos. The use cases for employee-driven learning are as diverse as the companies themselves.

What happens if no one participates?

The biggest myths around employee-generated content debunked

There is no getting around employee-generated content in corporate learning! However, many companies hesitate to actively involve their employees in knowledge transfer.

From unmotivated employees to uncontrolled content proliferation, the concerns are many but unfounded. Learn why they're mostly myths in our webinar.

Advantages of employee-generated content for companies

Benefit from the knowledge of your experts

L&D departments reach their limits in view of the mass of training that has to be provided. Both in terms of resources, but also in terms of the necessary expertise. Employee-generated content is therefore a powerful tool for corporate learning and development:

Authoring Tool & Video Platform 

Employee-generated content with SlidePresenter

The success of employee-generated content in corporate learning depends largely on how easy it is to create and share knowledge content. That's why we at SlidePresenter attach great importance to easy handling and intuitive user guidance. So that your experts can easily share their knowledge.

Simply hold on to knowledge

Create learning video in 5 clicks

Creating user-generated video content with SlidePresenter is so intuitive that everyone in your organization can capture their knowledge. Since they are guided step-by-step through the creation process, they don't need any previous experience in video production. 5 clicks is all it takes!

Integrated video editor

Easily edit tutorial video

Cut out slips of the tongue, add music, and add subtitles - that's also easy with SlidePresenter. Unlike other video programs, your employees can start editing their learning video right away. Without the need for lengthy training sessions!

Maximum compatibility

Share learning video everywhere

In order for user-generated content to develop its full potential, the learning videos produced must be able to be shared quickly and easily with colleagues. The possibilities for this are almost unlimited with SlidePresenter and range from SCORM, xAPI, HTML to link and email.

On-demand user-generated content 

Provide knowledge on video platform

Make the collective knowledge of your subject matter experts discoverable on a central video platform. All employees can share their learning videos there and search for knowledge content from colleagues. The video platform is particularly suitable for companies that want to build their own learning ecosystem with user-generated content.

Knowledge transfer from employees for employees

Employee-generated content

Employee-generated content or employee-driven learning is when companies enable their experts to capture and share their knowledge. The advantages of this digital knowledge transfer from employees for employees are so great that companies cannot ignore this topic. You can find out how to successfully use employee-generated content in your corporate learning, as well as numerous best practices from our customers, here.

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