On-Demand Training- As if It Were Live!

As educators and trainers, you are able to record a training session done as if you were teaching the information in person, and then make it available online. SlidePresenter’s online player combines your video and PowerPoint seamlessly, allowing the viewer to experience the lesson as if it were being offered live.

The finished product can then be embedded on any website and can even be integrated securely onto any intranet. Online presentations can also be made available on request. This way, your training is always secure, and unauthorized downloads of your content are not possible.

  • Training Experience: Online training sessions, as if they were live!
  • On-Demand Availability: Offer training anytime.
  • Complete Security: Unauthorized downloads of your material are not possible.

More Reach and New Audiences

By providing training courses on-demand on your website, you not only increase your offerings to current customers, but you also increase your reach and are able to appeal to new audiences.

The on-demand availability of training sessions means a more flexible training schedule for your company’s customers. Employees of these companies can now participate in training sessions based on their schedules, which allows them to focus on their daily tasks and train when it is convenient for them.

On the other hand, you are also able to reach all of those clients that were previously unable to attend training sessions in person. SlidePresenter online presentations allow you to reach previously inaccessible audiences.

Additionally, SlidePresenter’s online presentations are also readily available to use with mobile devices, such as the iPad, making them accessible in almost any situation(Learn more about mobile use).

  • Flexible Offerings: Offer your customers more opportunities to use your training.
  • Endless Availability: Reach target audiences that were previously inaccessible.

Increase Revenue by Selling Training Content

As training and education providers, you can directly increase your revenue with online presentations from SlidePresenter. With the integrated sales function on the SlidePresenter platform, you can quickly and easily monetize your presentations with just a few clicks. SlidePresenter functions as a sales and billing system and automatically distributes your proceeds directly to you, with no extra work on your part! An extra-cost in form of a commission for SlidePresenter only occurs in the event of an actual sale of Your content (learn more about the sales function).
You are also able to offer your purchasable presentations by embedding them on any website.

  • Set a Price and Go: Easily market your training.
  • Revenues Directly into Your Account: SlidePresenter automatically handles sales and billing.
  • Sell Anywhere: Sell your presentation through any website.

A selection of our customers from the training & education industry: