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SlidePresenter AI Script Generator

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Create content with AI

Generate video scripts with our AI Generator to create a presentation faster.

SlidePresenter Virtual Background


Individual background

Use your own backgrounds in your shot to get a great result and appear CI compliant.



Own thumbnail

Increase click-through rates and get more reach for your videos with a personalized thumbnail. 

Release Notes

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MAY 2023

One upload for all formats

📁 Use the new All-In-One Upload to upload all the files you want to use for your next presentation.

Single Sign On with Microsoft

🔑 Register easily and only with one click at SlidePresenter with your Microsoft account.

April 2023

Screen recording with camera

🎥 Use your camera during a Screen recording to create a lively and interactive learning experience.

Power Point Animations

🖹 Power Point Animations are preserved after upload, so you can show and hide your content step by step.

March 2023

Have AI-based content created

⭐Generate build and video scripts in just a few clicks to create a new presentation faster.

Track status

🖹 Gain a better overview of active, pending and deactivated accounts.

xAPI format available for LMS

🖹 For use in the LMS, you can now download your presentation as a SCORM or xAPI file.

February 2023

Upload virtual backgrounds

🎥 Use your custom backgrounds during a recording. As a content manager, you can upload custom backgrounds for all users.

Send multiple invitations

✍️ Insert multiple email addresses at the same time, um to invite new users.

January 2023


✍️ Enable the new commenting feature for your presentation and allow viewers to participate interactively.

PDF Guides

📖 Discover all the tips & tricks in our PDF guides for a successful presentation.

Manage notifications

🔔 Email notifications can now be managed easily and quickly on the account page.

October 2022

Digital Business Card Template

🖹 Use the template to help you step by step with the To be accompanied in the creation of a digital business card.

September 2022

Use virtual background

🎥 Use a virtual background for your camera when recording video.

August 2022

Progressive Web App

💻 Open SlidePresenter conveniently from the home screen by launching the web application to your taskbar.

Custom preview image

✍️ Upload a custom image as a thumbnail for your presentation.

July 2022


🖹 Through the new navigation per Key command the usability of the player is ensured also for people with visual impairment.

June 2022

Manage content

🖹 As a user manager, when you deactivate an account, you can decide whether the content should remain active or be deactivated. 

Mobile optimization

🖹 Start a camera or audio recording directly on your smartphone.

May 2022

Generate subtitles

✍️ Have subtitles automatically created from an existing audio track with the "Speech-to-Text" function.

Record system audio

🎧 During a camera recording or a screen recording, your system audio is recorded as well.

April 2022

Manage permissions

🖹 As User Manager, you can give other users permission to create content.

Import & export subtitles

🖹 New subtitles can be imported and existing subtitles can be exported.

March 2022

Mobile upload

🖹 Use the new upload ticket to upload external files from your smartphone to SlidePresenter.

Subscribe labels

🖹 Subscribe to labels to find information on a topic and get notified when new content is available.

Set bookmark

🖹 Presentations can be bookmarked to add them to your favorites.

February 2022

New interaction elements

✍️ Use lines, triangles, speech bubbles, stars and Texts and use links for direct forwarding.

January 2022

Viewing authorization

🖹 Invite new users to SlidePresenter who can only view presentations.

Import VTT files

🖹 Import VTT files for subtitles into your presentation.

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