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SlidePresenter AI Script Generator

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Create content with AI

Generate video scripts with our AI Generator to create a presentation faster.

SlidePresenter Virtual Background


Individual background

Use your own backgrounds in your shot to get a great result and appear CI compliant.



Own thumbnail

Increase click-through rates and get more reach for your videos with a personalized thumbnail. 

Release Notes

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Recycle bin for deleted presentations

🗑️ In the Recycle Bin, you can access your deleted presentations for 90 days and recover them with one click.

Manage invitations

🛡️ The advanced security feature on the user management page allows you to resend or delete pending invitations so that the invitation link sent is no longer valid.

August 2023

Save design

✍️ All changes in the editor are automatically saved as a draft. So you can pause and resume work on your presentation at any time.

All functions of the new editor

Processing status

⚒️ The editing status in the editor is preserved even after the conversion, so the next time you can simply continue working with the last edit.

Trim video sequence

🎞️ With the trim function you can adjust the length of a video sequence by shortening the start and end time.

Adjust volumes

🔊 Im editor, you can adjust the volume for each element individually to Video sequences to turn the volume down or up.

MAY 2023

One upload for all formats

📁 Use the new All-In-One Upload to upload all the files you want to use for your next presentation.

Single Sign On with Microsoft

🔑 Register easily and only with one click at SlidePresenter with your Microsoft account.

April 2023

Screen recording with camera

🎥 Use your camera during a Screen recording to create a lively and interactive learning experience.

Power Point Animations

🖹 Power Point Animations are preserved after upload, so you can show and hide your content step by step.

March 2023

Have AI-based content created

⭐Generate build and video scripts in just a few clicks to create a new presentation faster.

Track status

🖹 Gain a better overview of active, pending and deactivated accounts.

xAPI format available for LMS

🖹 For use in the LMS, you can now download your presentation as a SCORM or xAPI file.

February 2023

Upload virtual backgrounds

🎥 Use your custom backgrounds during a recording. As a content manager, you can upload custom backgrounds for all users.

Send multiple invitations

✍️ Insert multiple email addresses at the same time, um to invite new users.

January 2023


✍️ Enable the new commenting feature for your presentation and allow viewers to participate interactively.

PDF Guides

📖 Discover all the tips & tricks in our PDF guides for a successful presentation.

Manage notifications

🔔 Email notifications can now be managed easily and quickly on the account page.

October 2022

Digital Business Card Template

🖹 Use the template to help you step by step with the To be accompanied in the creation of a digital business card.

September 2022

Use virtual background

🎥 Use a virtual background for your camera when recording video.

August 2022

Progressive Web App

💻 Open SlidePresenter conveniently from the home screen by launching the web application to your taskbar.

Custom preview image

✍️ Upload a custom image as a thumbnail for your presentation.

July 2022


🖹 Through the new navigation per Key command the usability of the player is ensured also for people with visual impairment.

June 2022

Manage content

🖹 As a user manager, when you deactivate an account, you can decide whether the content should remain active or be deactivated. 

Mobile optimization

🖹 Start a camera or audio recording directly on your smartphone.

May 2022

Generate subtitles

✍️ Have subtitles automatically created from an existing audio track with the "Speech-to-Text" function.

Record system audio

🎧 During a camera recording or a screen recording, your system audio is recorded as well.

April 2022

Manage permissions

🖹 As User Manager, you can give other users permission to create content.

Import & export subtitles

🖹 New subtitles can be imported and existing subtitles can be exported.

March 2022

Mobile upload

🖹 Use the new upload ticket to upload external files from your smartphone to SlidePresenter.

Subscribe labels

🖹 Subscribe to labels to find information on a topic and get notified when new content is available.

Set bookmark

🖹 Presentations can be bookmarked to add them to your favorites.

February 2022

New interaction elements

✍️ Use lines, triangles, speech bubbles, stars and Texts and use links for direct forwarding.

January 2022

Viewing authorization

🖹 Invite new users to SlidePresenter who can only view presentations.

Import VTT files

🖹 Import VTT files for subtitles into your presentation.

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