Seamless Integration & Compatibility

From LMS, LXP, Intranet, Sharepoint to collaboration tools - SlidePresenter is compatible with all systems.

Integrate the knowledge content of your subject matter experts into your company's learning ecosystem easily and without technical effort. This way, all employees can access and benefit from the learning videos of their colleagues as needed. 

650+ companies already secure their knowledge with SlidePresenter

Minimal implementation effort

Share employee-generated videos within the company

Corporate learning ecosystems are often complex structures consisting of various software solutions, training forms, and communication channels. Many L&D managers are therefore hesitant to introduce user-generated content. After all, this could further increase complexity.

At SlidePresenter, we make it easy for you. Delivering employee-generated learning videos is as straightforward as creating them. The integration possibilities are unlimited - the one-click implementation effort, on the other hand, is minimal. 

Simple and fast

Integrate employee-generated videos into the learning ecosystem

Our solution is compatible with all enterprise systems. Integrate learning videos from your subject matter experts into your LMS or LXP via SCORM or xAPI. Or share them across your organization via Microsoft Teams, email, or intranet.


Share learning videos with all or selected colleagues

You decide who can access the knowledge content of your experts. The time you need to provide the content is always the same. - whether you want to reach two or 20,000 employees of your company. 


Automatically update knowledge content

Updating knowledge content that has already been shared is incredibly straightforward. As soon as you make changes to a learning video, they are visible immediately and everywhere - no matter where and how often you have included the knowledge content.

Innovation Made in germany

Benefit from our Software-as-a-Service solution

Available 24/7

Our solution is hosted in ISO-certified data centers in Germany, which allows us to guarantee an uptime of 99.99 percent.

Service Level Agreements

You can rely on us. Our team guarantees response times of less than 24 hours and thus solves your concerns reliably & promptly.

Maximum compability

Thanks to our browser-based solution, you don't need any special hardware or software. SlidePresenter works on all operating systems and end devices.

Easy access

Thanks to single sign-on, you can log in with one click and get started. Or you can pin our app extension to your taskbar and access us directly from there.


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

SlidePresenter is an ideal addition to your existing LMS. Self-created learning videos can be exported as SCORM files and imported into your Learning Management System.

xapi interface

Learning Experience Platforms

Create more rich, personalized learning experiences for your employees by making learning videos of your subject matter experts available to them. With the xAPI interface, you can easily integrate company-specific user-generated content from your employees into your learning experience platform.

Improve collaboration

Collaboration Tools

Your employees can easily share the knowledge content they create with individual colleagues or teams via a link. From project management tools, instant messaging solutions, video conferencing systems, and wikis - SlidePresenter is compatible with all collaboration tools.

Manage content centrally

Content Management Systems

Embed your knowledge content via HTML as an embed link into your corporate video platform, website or central media database. With SlidePresenter, collaborative knowledge content creation, editing, and management is easy.

Our promise

We make you successful

With more than ten years of experience, we are the experts for the introduction of user-generated content in corporate learning. Our goal is long-term partnerships. That's why our consultants accompany you throughout the entire implementation process - and beyond.

We show you how easy it is

Arrange short demo

Do you have questions or would you like to experience for yourself how quick and easy it is to create and share learning videos? Then make a quick appointment with us.

Integration & Compatibility

Your questions - our answers

Yes, you can SlidePresenter conveniently in combination with Microsoft Office 365. This means you can also edit your documents while on the move. In addition, for Office 365 we offer login via the Single-Sign-on (SSO) process, making it even easier for you to work across devices.  

Yes, you have the option in your account to download a SCORM file that you can then integrate into your learning management system.

SlidePresenter offers support for numerous SCORM versions. This diversity makes us compatible with all systems. Please feel free to ask our sales team about this. 

No, SlidePresenter works on the basis of HTML5. Thus, you are independent of operating systems and end devices.

In your account you have the possibility to choose how you want to use your SlidePresenter-video on your website, e.g. as a button or including the video player. The corresponding HTML code for the embedding is generated automatically and can be embedded into your website via "Copy & Paste". 

Citrix often poses a hurdle due to the remote way of working, because the video streaming loses quality. With the so-called "Citrix Breakout" can SlidePresenter provide high-quality video even in this environment.