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SlidePresenter is the leading video platform for employee-generated learning. It is used in more than 650 major companies and numerous industries worldwide.

With SlidePresenter, employees can capture, edit and share their knowledge in a learning video with just five clicks. No special knowledge, hardware or software is required.




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Our Vision & Mission

At SlidePresenter, we have a common goal that drives us: To make knowledge in the form of video accessible anytime, from anywhere. So that those who need it can access it more easily. 

How we manage that?

We free all employees from unnecessary repetition, frequent queries and complex text documents by making knowledge available on-demand in the form of videos. In this way, we form the third pillar of Workplace 4.0 alongside e-mail and web conferences.


What we can do that with?

With our solutions, preserving knowledge has never been easier and more secure. 5 clicks are enough! All experts of a company can share their knowledge - comprehensibly, authentically and personally via video. And make it easily available to their colleagues. 

"AI, AR, VR - these technologies will massively advance the democratization of knowledge. Because they enable all subject matter experts to share knowledge and access it on-demand at any time, regardless of language, position, or education."

Sebastian Walker
Founder & Managing Director of SlidePresenter

From 2011 until today

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Our team consists of dedicated people who enjoy putting their ideas into practice. We love learning new things, overcoming challenges and have results and solutions in mind - not hierarchies. 

Individual responsibility and teamwork are important to us. Because we know that the best results are only achieved through cooperation. 

That is why we are looking for people who think entrepreneurially. People who bring drive and passion to the table and are willing to take calculated risks and drive projects forward independently.

That sounds like you? Great! We look forward to receiving your application.