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The SlidePresenter Foundation supports non-profit organizations that are socially or ecologically engaged. The aim of the SlidePresenter Foundation is to improve the transfer of knowledge within non-profit organizations so that they can provide their volunteers with the necessary knowledge and information quickly and in a targeted manner.

Digitize food rescue

SlidePresenter meets Tafel Germany

As part of the "Tafel macht Zukunft - gemeinsam digital" project, the "eco-Platform" has been under development since 2019. We asked project manager Regina Treutwein how the "eco-Platform" is helping to digitalize food rescue and how SlidePresenter is helping to make food banks fit for the future.

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Sharing knowledge and doing good - that's what we believe in. That's why we provide you with our authoring tool and video platform free of charge. With our solutions, you can benefit from employee-generated content within your organization. Your members can easily and quickly create their own knowledge content and learning videos and share them with other volunteers around the world. All you need is Internet access and any device. This allows you to share information and knowledge with your organization from anywhere and in any situation. Reduce your training and information costs and improve your internal and external communication with SlidePresenter Foundation.

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SlidePresenter Foundation

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Enable all members and helpers to independently record their knowledge in learning videos and share it within the organization. We support you and provide you with our solution free of charge.


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To qualify for our SlidePresenter Foundation, you must be a non-profit organization with a social or environmental purpose. Organizations that pursue political goals are not eligible.

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