Attractive video content for your LMS

Authoring tool for employee-generated content

With SlidePresenter, you - and all the subject matter experts in your company - can produce attractive learning videos and e-learnings in just five clicks. 

You don't need any prior technical knowledge, extensive training, or special software or hardware. All the knowledge content you create can then be seamlessly integrated into your learning platform and company systems.

650+ market leaders rely on user-generated content - and SlidePresenter

The right format for every application

Record quickly & easily

From screen recordings, to video presentations with PowerPoint slides, to podcasts: Choose the right format and create your learning video or e-learning in minutes.

Thanks to the intuitive creation process, all subject matter experts can create attractive knowledge content - without any previous experience.

Our artificial intelligence provides additional support: have a script created for any topic in just a few seconds, which you can use for your videos or podcasts.

Intuitive video editor

From video to e-learning

Audio & Video Cutting

Remove slips of the tongue or add audio and video sequences afterwards.

Highlight & link content

Highlight important content with colors, shapes, and emojis, and include interactive links.

Chapters and quizzes

Increase learning by integrating chapters, quizzes, and surveys into your video to create full-featured e-learning.


Automatically create subtitles for your video with just one click - for maximum accessibility.

Maximum compatibility with all systems

Integrate content anywhere

From LMS, LXP, Intranet, Sharepoint to collaboration tools - SlidePresenter is compatible with all systems. Define custom sharing processes for your organization to ensure your learning videos and e-learnings are shared securely.

All knowledge content can be integrated into your learning ecosystem via SCORM, xAPI, link or HTML. Best of all, if you make any changes to your learning video content, your shared learning videos will update themselves everywhere.

You do not have a central knowledge platform for user-generated content in your company? Then we offer you with our Video platform the right solution.

Authoring Tool For Employee-Generated Content & E-Learnings

The all-in-one solution for your video learning

SlidePresenter's authoring tool is the easiest and fastest way to fill your LMS / LXP with attractive knowledge content from your subject matter experts. Thanks to the easy handling and user guidance, all employees can create authentic learning videos on company-specific content.

Benefit from collaborative work by enriching your employees' learning videos with quizzes afterwards to fully-fledged e-learnings and integrate them into your learning management system.

Five recording formats

Choose from numerous formats for your learning video, including screen recordings, video presentations, and podcasts.

Video and audio editing

With the integrated video editor, you can edit your knowledge content afterwards - without any prior knowledge.

Add interactive elements

Improve the learning success of your participants through interactions and thus transform employee-generated content into e-learning.

Share learning videos everywhere

Establish individual release processes for your company. Afterwards, all knowledge content can be integrated into your LMS / LXP with just one click.

Your advantages

Intuitive creation of learning videos by subject matter experts

Get started immediately - no training required

Your subject matter experts can start creating learning videos right away. Thanks to the intuitive user guidance, they do not need any software training. With SlidePresenter, you get an authoring tool that anyone can use immediately.

Conveying knowledge sustainably with videos

Increase the productivity of your employees. Experts can record their knowledge in learning videos and share them with colleagues. This saves time, reduces repetition and ensures that expert knowledge remains in the company for the long term.

Efficiently shaping digital knowledge transfer

Include learning videos from your subject matter experts on your learning platforms. This saves significant resources in your L&D department and reduces the cost of providing externally produced content - and creates a more diverse learning experience.

650+ companies trust SlidePresenter

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Our promise

We make you successful

With more than ten years of experience, we are the experts for the introduction of user-generated content in corporate learning. Our goal is long-term partnerships. That's why our consultants accompany you throughout the entire implementation process - and beyond.

We show you how easy it is

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Do you have questions or would you like to experience for yourself how quick and easy it is to create and share learning videos? Then make a quick appointment with us.

Slidepresenter authoring tool for employee-generated content

Your questions - our answers

SlidePresenter's authoring tool is particularly suitable for large and medium-sized companies that already have a learning management system. With the authoring tool, all employees can preserve their knowledge in short learning videos. In this way, they decisively relieve the L&D departments of companies that often do not have the time and resources to create all learning content themselves.

With the SlidePresenter authoring tool, you can quickly and easily introduce user-generated content in your company and enable your experts to share their company-specific knowledge. The knowledge transfer takes place from employees for employees. The content produced can then be seamlessly integrated into your LMS, LXP or intranet. Or you can use SlidePresenter to create engaging learning videos yourself, which you can then integrate into your learning paths and training courses. The possibilities with SlidePresenter are endless.

Whether you want to create mandatory and product training, explain product innovations or functionalities, or produce instructions on processes and software solutions - the applications of employee-generated content are diverse. Everything you need to know about employee-driven learning and employee-generated content in corporate learning can be found here on our website and in the resources. 

No. You can use the SlidePresenter authoring tool for any form of video-based learning. Thanks to its intuitive use, there is no need for lengthy training or introductory sessions. This means that even L&D or HR departments can start producing knowledge content immediately. Interactive formats as well as learning success checks can be integrated in the form of certificates, quizzes and forms. In this way, SlidePresenter's authoring tool also maps classic corporate learning requirements.

To use SlidePresenter you don't need any special hardware or software, end devices or other technical equipment. The authoring tool is browser-based, which is why you only need an Internet-enabled device with a webcam and a microphone to record the videos. SlidePresenter thus enables a quick and easy implementation.

You can choose between five different formats for your learning video: You can either film only yourself with the camera or additionally show a PowerPoint presentation or document. If you don't want to show yourself in the learning video, you can also simply make a screen recording or use our podcast format and record only your voice - with or without an additional document.  

You can choose between five different formats for your learning video: You can either film only yourself with the camera or additionally show a PowerPoint presentation or document. If you don't want to show yourself in the learning video, you can also simply make a screen recording or use our podcast format and record only your voice - with or without an additional document.  

Yes, you can edit the video or audio afterwards without any problems. Thanks to our intuitive editor, you can easily remove slips of the tongue. You don't need any previous experience in editing videos, but can start directly with the post-processing. If you want to enrich your learning video with music, this is also possible without any problems afterwards. Or you can simply add another video sequence. 

Yes, the authoring tool is suitable for creating accessible content. Subtitles are an important part of videos in terms of accessibility and user-friendliness, but often require a lot of effort to create. With our Speech-to-Text feature, you now have the ability to provide automatically generated subtitles in over 30 languages for your videos. All you need is a few clicks. After the successful transcription of your spoken text, the subtitles are immediately visible on the video timeline, can be manually adjusted if necessary or published directly.

With the SlidePresenter authoring tool, you have several options to ensure the learning success of your employees. For example, you can set the video player so that all participants have to watch your learning content from start to finish. Skipping is not possible. You can also add quizzes and surveys to your video content, for example, to test participants' knowledge. Collect opinions and information from participants via forms and keep track of your participants via the participant database. Add automatically generated certificates to your learning content and e-learning to confirm participation and use the statistics to evaluate the learning success of your online training. You can also divide the videos into chapters to make it easier for your colleagues to absorb the knowledge. Inserting links to further content is also no problem.

Yes, the hand-over feature allows you to work on a project with other users. You can move your learning content back and forth between different accounts, depending on who you want to work on it. When transferring, you can decide whether your colleague should work on the original or on a copy of your knowledge content. The recipients are then automatically informed by e-mail.

The SlidePresenter app is compatible with all popular systems and tools. Share your video on your LMS, LXP, intranet or Sharepoint. The possibilities are endless. Learn more about SlidePresenter integration and compatibility here. 

Yes, you can use the SlidePresenter authoring tool even without your own learning platform. You can embed the produced knowledge content anywhere via email, link or HTML embed code. For companies that want to comprehensively digitalize their knowledge transfer, we recommend our SlidePresenter video platform. Find out everything about the SlidePresenter video platform for your employee-driven learning here.