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Better learning content with employee knowledge and the SlidePresenter AI

Sufficient and high-quality learning content is the bottleneck in corporate learning. L&D teams cannot eliminate this due to a lack of resources.

The solution: Have learning content created directly by employees from the specialist departments! SlidePresenter has been pursuing this approach since 2011.

Thanks to AI support the production of learning content is now even faster and more efficient: Employees only need a few clicks for professional learning content.

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The right formats for your training courses

Videos are the best learning format because they can convey complex information in an easily understandable way.

The SlidePresenter authoring tool provides you with various formats to combine visual and auditory elements:


Create efficient learning content using AI

Thanks to the new AI functions in SlidePresenter, you can now produce learning content even more efficiently.

Create a finished learning video from a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Upload a finished PowerPoint presentation.
  2. The AI analyzes the presentation and creates a professional learning video from it, including a script with sound and subtitles.
  3. Of course, you can customize the automatically generated video at any time.

Produce multilingual versions of your learning videos:

  1. Generate the different language versions of your training using AI voices in many languages.
  2. Automatically create subtitles in multiple languages.
  3. Allow viewers to switch between different languages when watching the training.

Let the AI speak and present:

  1. Upload your script and any accompanying slides.
  2. Choose from different voices / avatars. You can choose from more than 60 languages.
  3. Decide whether you need an audio-only presentation or an avatar as well.
  4. Generate the training video.

Let the AI integrate suitable knowledge queries into your training courses:

  1. Select query times in your training.
  2. The AI generates suitable questions and possible answers.
  3. Integrate knowledge queries at the touch of a button.

Compatible with all LMS systems

Integrate learning content into your existing systems

From LMS, LXP, Intranet, Sharepoint to collaboration tools - SlidePresenter is compatible with all systems. 

All knowledge content can be integrated into your learning ecosystem via SCORM, xAPI, link or HTML. Best of all, if you make any changes to your learning video content, your shared learning videos will update themselves everywhere.


Functions SlidePresenter authoring tool

Simple HD recording without special equipment

AI-automated content creation and optimization

Choice of over 60 languages for AI-generated subtitles and avatars

Integration of questions, forms and much more.

Collaboration mode on learning content within the team

Export to all LMS systems, the intranet or the website

Automatic certificates for participants

Extensive retrieval statistics

Maximum security for your data on EU servers

Maximum security for your data

As a German company, all our data is stored in EU data centers processed. We therefore guarantee the physical and technical security of your data and absolute compliance with current data protection regulations.

Important: Our AI functions work without data storage. Your data is never used to train the AI.

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