Employee knowledge only 1 click away

The video platform for employee-generated content

SlidePresenter is the all-in-one solution that lets you deliver employee knowledge quickly and easily. With our intuitive video platform, all subject matter experts in your company can record and share their own learning videos. Your company's collective knowledge is just a click away and available to all employees digitally and on-demand.

650+ companies already secure their knowledge with SlidePresenter


Create your own learning videos quickly & easily

From screen recordings to video presentations with PowerPoint slides to podcasts: With SlidePresenter, every employee can create their own learning videos - without any special prior knowledge or software or hardware.

The intuitive process guides experts step by step through the recording, editing and sharing of their own learning videos. This means that even technically inexperienced employees can record their knowledge in learning videos with little effort and make it available to the company.

Our Artificial Intelligence further simplifies the recording of your videos: have a script created for any topic in just a few seconds, which you can use for your videos or podcasts.

Company video platform

Sharing and finding knowledge - digitally and on-demand

The SlidePresenter video platform is the heart of your digital knowledge transfer "from employees for employees". Your colleagues will find all the learning videos created by your company's subject matter experts there. They can browse all learning videos, search for knowledge content or subject matter experts, save, like and comment on important content.


All learning videos of your experts only one click away

Search video platform

Find the right learning content immediately thanks to extensive search and filter functions.

Interact with knowledge content

If you like an educational video, you can like it, comment on it, or save it as a favorite.

Receive notifications

Subscribe to topics or authors and stay informed about new learning videos.

Nothing suitable found?

With the Colleague Questions feature, you can directly ask your colleagues to create a learning video.

Authoring tool meets video platform

The all-in-one solution for employee-generated learning content

The success of employee-generated content in corporate learning depends largely on how easy it is to create and share knowledge content. SlidePresenter therefore focuses on maximum user-friendliness. All employees can produce and edit their own learning videos with just five clicks and make them available on the video platform.

Create videos

Six recording formats

Choose from numerous formats for your learning video, including screen recordings, video presentations, and podcasts.

Video and audio editing

With the integrated video editor, you can edit your knowledge content afterwards - without any prior knowledge.

Add interactive elements

From quizzes to chapters and integrated links: Improve the learning success of your participants through interactions.

Share learning videos everywhere

Integrate your knowledge content into your LMS, LXP, Sharepoint or intranet with just one click.

Share videos

Integrated authoring tool

Use all the features of our authoring tool and create your content directly from the video platform.

Modern video platform

Make all knowledge and learning content available on a central video portal (corporate "YouTube").

Extensive search & filter function

Labels, searches as well as sorting ensure maximum findability of knowledge content on your video platform.

Interact with colleagues

Your employees can like, comment on, or share helpful learning videos, as well as save them as favorites.

Your advantages

Enabling self-directed learning with user-generated content

Share knowledge quickly and easily

Provide your experts with a solution that enables them to record their knowledge in short learning videos within a few minutes. So that valuable knowledge remains in the company.

Find knowledge when you need it

Increase employee productivity. Reduce frequent queries from colleagues by providing a video platform where employees can find exactly the knowledge they need to do their jobs.

Designing knowledge transfer efficiently

Involve your employees in the knowledge transfer and create a diverse learning offering on a central video platform consisting of training content from the L&D department and learning videos from the subject matter experts.

What customers say about SlidePresenter:

Our promise

We make you successful

With more than ten years of experience, we are the experts for the introduction of user-generated content in corporate learning. Our goal is long-term partnerships. That's why our consultants accompany you throughout the entire implementation process - and beyond.

We show you how easy it is

Arrange short demo

Do you have questions or would you like to experience for yourself how quick and easy it is to create and share learning videos? Then make a quick appointment with us.

Slidepresenter video platform for user-generated content

Your questions - our answers

The SlidePresenter video platform is perfect for large and medium-sized companies that do not yet have their own digital knowledge platform or learning management system in place. With the video platform, you get an all-in-one solution for your knowledge transfer from employees for employees. Thanks to the integrated authoring tool, all of your company's experts can quickly and easily turn their knowledge into learning videos. They can then share this user-generated content on a company video platform. With SlidePresenter, you get everything you need to successfully implement employee-driven learning in your company.

Whether you want to create mandatory or safety training, explain product innovations or functionalities, or produce instructions for processes and software solutions - the applications of user-generated content are diverse. You can find everything you need to know about employee-driven learning and user-generated content in corporate learning here on our website and in the Resources.

Yes, of course. If you have already built a learning ecosystem in your organization and have an LMS, LXP, or video platform, you can use just the authoring tool to create user-generated content. Your subject matter experts can use it to intuitively produce their own knowledge videos and thus preserve their knowledge. The created learning videos can then be easily integrated into your learning management system or any other system and tool via link or HTML using SCORM and xAPI. Learn more about our authoring tool here. 

To use SlidePresenter, you don't need any special hardware, software, end devices or other technical equipment. The authoring tool is browser-based, so all you need is an Internet-enabled device with a webcam and microphone to record the videos. Watching the videos is even easier. All you need is Internet access and a device of your choice, so you can access all the content on your video platform on-demand from anywhere.

SlidePresenter's video platform is a browser-based software-as-a-service. This means it is ready to use out of the box. If you want to connect the video platform to your Active Directory via Single Sign-On, then the implementation effort only results from the coordination with your corporate IT.

You can choose between six different formats for your learning video: You can either record only yourself with the camera. Or you can additionally show a PowerPoint presentation, a document or your screen. If you don't want to show yourself in the video, you can also simply record your screen or record your voice in a podcast.

Yes, you can decide with whom you want to share your videos - whether on the video platform with the entire company or only with selected colleagues or user groups. Once you've completed a video, you can easily choose who can see it. You can also tag it with appropriate category names ("labels"). The colleagues who have subscribed to these labels or are part of the user group will automatically receive an email after your approval and can then directly access your knowledge content. You can adjust the permissions at any time and according to your wishes.

Yes, that's not a problem. With the white labeling feature, you can design the video platform and the video player entirely according to your wishes and in your look & feel. This creates a seamless user experience and allows you to present yourself internally and externally with your company logo and corporate design. Create your own corporate YouTube with SlidePresenter!

All SlidePresenter servers are located in ISO-certified data centers in Germany. There is no data exchange to European or non-European countries. With SlidePresenter your data is safe. Learn more about data protection and security here.

You can easily import existing video content to the video platform. SlidePresenter supports all popular video and audio formats, such as .mp4, .wmv, .mov, .mpeg and many more. If you want to know if your video and audio format is also supported, our sales team will be happy to help you.