Intelligence management software

Competitive despite
Skills shortage and
Knowledge migration

By 2036, 30% of the workforce in the DACH region will leave the labor market. It is important to remain capable of acting even when gaps in personnel or expertise arise.

Competitive companies accept this reality and implement intelligence management within the company.

With SlidePresenter Decouple specialist knowledge from individual employees and keep it applicable in the company. Our Intelligence Management Software supports your knowledge management along the entire value chain - simply and with AI support.

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Keeping knowledge in the company

Stand your ground in the intelligence economy

In the "intelligence economy", only those companies that use the "resource of knowledge" correctly will be successful.

It is important to secure knowledge within the company and accelerate the transfer of knowledge.

Decouple knowledge from employees

Prevent head monopolies

Provide relevant knowledge at the right time

Bridge staffing gaps between off- and onboarding

Automate the qualification of your employees

Use AI for business purposes

Enterprise Ready

Intelligence management software from SlidePresenter

SlidePresenter helps you to identify, extract and distribute knowledge throughout your organization. How to establish intelligence management along your value chain - Fully integrated and centralized.

Large companies in particular, but also SMEs, benefit from seamless integration into the ecosystem with single sign-on, EU hosting and individual security profiles.

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  • Recognize knowledge transfer continuously and at an early stage.
  • Use existing HR/ERP/PJM and other systems.
  • Identify owners of knowledge.
  • Capture knowledge automatically and for everyone.
  • Integrate knowledge capture into your workflows.
  • Ensure the quality and relevance of knowledge.
  • Find answers to typical questions.
  • Operate more efficiently with AI support.
  • Make knowledge available when needed.
  • Carry out seamless onboarding and offboarding and bridge personnel gaps.
  • Ensure continuous qualification and training of employees.
  • Strengthen your knowledge with recurring training sessions.
  • Secure the knowledge of retiring generations for succession solutions.
  • Use artificial intelligence.
  • Keep knowledge up-to-date and relevant.
  • Automatically identify outdated knowledge content.
  • Update knowledge content continuously.

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