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With the SlidePresenter authoring tool Create AI-supported learning content and fill your LMS with up-to-date content.

With our Intelligence Management Software you create a holistic solution that automatically identifies, stores and shares knowledge within the company.

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Authoring tool: Create learning content for any LMS

With SlidePresenter's authoring tool, you can create learning videos with just a few clicks - or use the AI functions in SlidePresenter for even faster results.


You then implement the finished learning videos in the LMS of your choice. This ensures more successful L&D initiatives and better content in your LMS.

Intelligence management: secure knowledge automatically and holistically

Intelligence management begins where static knowledge management ends:

It is a holistic approach that identifies knowledge transfers within the company, then automatically secures this knowledge and makes it available for specific use cases.

In this way, companies retain knowledge, empower employees and remain competitive even in times of skills shortages.

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