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User-generated content in corporate learning

Involving all employees in corporate knowledge transfer thanks to user-generated content - that sounds pretty good in theory. But what exactly does it look like in practice? How do I ensure that 10,000 employees at international locations also produce the content that the managers want to see? And how do I know that my colleagues don't lose sight of their actual to-dos in addition to content creation?

If these are questions you've been asking yourself, and they may be currently holding you back from making user-generated content a profitable element of your knowledge transfer, then we have just the thing for you.

Find out now from innovative HR executives first-hand how you have successfully integrated user-generated content into your L&D strategy - and why you couldn't imagine knowledge transfer without the active participation of your employees.

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Knowledge transfer from employees for employees

Employee-generated content

Employee-generated content or employee-driven learning is when companies enable their experts to capture and share their knowledge. The advantages of this digital knowledge transfer from employees for employees are so great that companies cannot ignore this topic. You can find out how to successfully use employee-generated content in your corporate learning, as well as numerous best practices from our customers, here.