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Knowledge transfer from employees for employees

User-generated content

User-generated content or employee-driven learning is when companies enable their experts to record and share their knowledge. The advantages of this digital knowledge transfer from employees for employees are so great that companies cannot ignore this topic.

How you can successfully use user-generated content in your corporate learning as well as numerous best practices of our customers can be found here.

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SlidePresenter Tutorials

With SlidePresenter you can quickly and easily produce your own knowledge content. Our various tutorials further facilitate the intuitive creation process - for the first beginnings to more in-depth insights.


User-generated content in corporate learning

The way employees learn has changed dramatically. They demand interactive and easily digestible on-demand knowledge content. To deliver this, L&D departments must rely on user-generated content.

In our 45-page manual, you will learn everything about this trendy topic - from the advantages and disadvantages to the ideal implementation in your corporate learning.

Impart knowledge effectively

Videos in corporate learning

Video-based e-learning has numerous advantages over "classic" training methods. Since they are available "on-demand", your employees can access them when they have time or need the knowledge content for their work. The content can also be viewed and repeated several times, so the learning effect increases many times over.

Find out what other advantages learning videos offer in your corporate learning here in our articles.

Provide expertise on-demand

Digital knowledge transfer in the company

The productivity of your employees depends to a large extent on whether the knowledge they need for their work is available to them. Digital knowledge transfer thus becomes a success factor for companies.

Browse our articles and find out how you can improve your digital knowledge transfer.

What happens if no one participates?

The biggest myths around user-generated content debunked

There's no getting around user-generated content in corporate learning! However, many companies hesitate to actively involve their employees in knowledge transfer.

From unmotivated employees to uncontrolled content proliferation, the concerns are many but unfounded. Learn why they're mostly myths in our webinar.

From classroom to online training

E-Learning & Blended Learning

E-learning allows learners maximum flexibility, because they can decide for themselves from where and when they want to view learning content. A combination of e-learning and face-to-face events is called blended learning or integrated learning. 

Learn here when you should rely on e-learning and blended learning and how to make it a success. 

Share & conserve knowledge

Onboardings & Offboardings

Digital knowledge transfer within a company is particularly important in two phases of the employee cycle - when new employees arrive and experienced colleagues leave the company. 

Learn here how you can make your knowledge transfer more efficient in onboarding and offboarding. 


Excellent award

eLearning Journal review

"The knowledge and skills of a company's own workforce are among its most important resources. But how can this resource be harnessed as effectively as possible?"

This is the question eLearning Journal asked itself in the new product test around SlidePresenter - and answered.

Download the complete test report now and find out if we are the right solution for your company as well!

Learn in small bites


Extensive text documents and lengthy classroom training sessions are no longer in keeping with the times. Instead, employees want to learn in small units of less than ten minutes. Videos, so-called learning nuggets, are particularly suitable for microlearning. Employees can use them to learn important content in a self-directed manner. Discover more here.

Self-determined working & learning

New Work

Freedom, independence and participation are the core values of the new way of working and learning. 

In our guides, videos, and blog posts, you'll learn why digital knowledge transfer is important for companies looking to implement New Work and what role Employee-driven Learning plays in this. 

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