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Employee-driven learning: How to successfully change to a participative learning culture!

The greatest treasure of knowledge in a company is in the heads of its employees! Every person has professional excellence and personal experience from which others can benefit.

In our guide on this topic, you will learn how self-organized learning and the exchange of knowledge between employees can be a success - especially in the digital age of remote work and new technologies!

We'll also show you what the biggest challenges are on the road to your Employee-driven Learning Culture, how to overcome them-and how to get the whole team pulling together!


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Knowledge transfer from employees for employees

Employee-generated content

Employee-generated content or employee-driven learning is when companies enable their experts to capture and share their knowledge. The advantages of this digital knowledge transfer from employees for employees are so great that companies cannot ignore this topic. You can find out how to successfully use employee-generated content in your corporate learning, as well as numerous best practices from our customers, here.